History of The Right Focus PAC

"Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand." Matthew 12:25

The Right Focus PAC was formed in November 2013 with the goal of uniting the strengths of grassroots constitutional groups (Tea Party, AFA, et al) into one financial arm for all such organizations. Our individuality, when it refers to local-level accomplishments by individual groups (educating, training, candidate vetting, poll watching, etc.) is a real strength. But, as a whole, the conservative movement cannot survive if it is too fragmented to provide strong and reliable financial support to quality conservative candidates and issues. Successful organizations realistically concentrate on only one or two functions. The Right Focus PAC seeks to organize conservatives into one financial force which is able to provide monetary assistance to candidates and issues through contributions from our true grassroots citizens.

Republican and Democratic parties on the state and national levels wield power because they join forces financially. And that is exactly what the conservative movement must do. Many qualified conservative candidates have lost elections because they lacked sufficient funds. A group / team cannot win if each participant functions as an individual. Just as a great team is composed of many participants that function as a united team, so the many parts of conservatism must come together as a unified team to win in primaries and general elections, starting now.

To win big, the conservatives must support Boards of Education and judges. Financial aid to school board candidates and judges is almost non-existent. It is the education system that is forming the minds of the students. From board members through professors, the left agenda is promoted through indoctrination of the student. Judges who legislate from the bench are destroying our freedoms. They have their own agenda and make decisions based on their political beliefs rather than the law of the Constitution. When the citizens make a decision via a ballot, activist judges that do not agree with the outcome over turn the will the people by legislating from the bench.

Statistics show that 65% of local politicians rise to the federal level. Therefore, "The Right Focus PAC" believes it is extremely important to support candidates and issues at the local and state levels. In the past elections, "The Right Focus PAC" was able to financially participate in important races, both locally and across the state. We are pleased that the constitutional conservatives that The Right Focus PAC supported were elected.  Every conservative that chooses to run deserves financial aid. As a financial team with everyone giving a dollar or more "The Right Focus PAC" can support many more candidates and issues.

Whether we admit it or not money is a hugh factor in winning. Michigan has approximately 400,000 conservatives. We compose a potentially powerful force if we unite financially. Every conservative in our state can afford to contribute an amount in line with their budget. All of us must unite to get the truth and conservative message out and keep it in the forefront.  The August primaries will soon be here and your support is much needed.  

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